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Our First blog in over 18months….and what a strange period it has been!!

So what has been happening at Cyprussunmed over the last couple of years? Thankfully we all seem to be coming out the other end of the Covid Madness. During 2020/2021 Cyprussunmed was closed for approx 7 months. This wasn’t good, financially or mentally to be honest and then when we were allowed back into the clinic we still had many restrictions. We couldn’t operate initially due to government guidelines, only essential/emergency surgery’s tookplace so that ruled out any Plastic surgeries, only allowed in theatre on certain days once we could operate so that there was limited people allowed into the clinic, no flights to bring patients over to Cyprus, then all seemed to be getting back to normal but the war started so no russian flights allowed into Cyprus. So its been a challenging couple of years and I’m sure many of you can relate to that. But we are still here and coming out the other end with what’s looking like a productive and busy 2022.

Personally i have made some big life changes recently. my son who is 16 years old is now back in the UK ready to start his 6th form education at Swindon College from September and I’m about to move into a new house in Faringdon Oxfordshire In a couple of weeks With my partner James.

looking at the above does that mean we are closing Cyprussunmed?Absolutely not!!! I will be mainly living in the UK but will travel back to Cyprus on a regular basis and when I’m not in Cyprus, Tania Grange our new team member will be the person you meet on a face to face basis. She joined the team last month and has already met a few patients and has been shadowing many clinic sessions/surgeries. I will still be the first point of contact on our website/Social media platform/emails and messages.

We will still have regular offers on (September 2022 sees a reduction on Liposuction) and our regular Aesthetic clinics will not change. The next ones are 18th August and 1st September.

Popular surgeries over the last few months have been Upper Blepharoplasty and Face lifts but over the next few months we seem to have quite a few tummy tucks booked.


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