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My tummy tuck journey

My tummy tuck journey……

I had 2 C sections. One in 2000 & one in 2006. Both where emergency sections but the second one with my son Zak was at 26 weeks pregnant and it was done in Nicosia. After the first my tummy retracted back nicely and the scar healed very well but after the second one it was jagged and left what we call an “apron “ which is a lumpy overhang.

So after a discussion a few years post surgery with Dr David we decided I would have full tummy liposuction and see if this helped. At this point I also had a little bit more tummy fat than previously. There is only so many years after having a baby you can use the reply “ I’m still trying to lose the baby weight, I’ve just had a baby !!” 🤦‍♀️😂🤰🏼

But although I was very pleased with the results post liposuction I still had the little overhang and also no muscle repair. I think some of it was scar tissue so it would never go fully flat and in swim wear and dresses I was very conscious of it.

So we decided to go ahead with a full tummy tuck with muscle repair.

I cannot say loud enough how much happier I was with the result. Finally I had a flat tummy with no bulging overhang. Yes the scar is much longer than a C section scar but it was low down, under my underwear and the stitching from a plastic surgeon compared to an obstetrician ( in an emergency) is very different.

Now the big thing is the recovery. After 2 C sections I was concerned because my recovery from the second one especially was quite difficult and painful but oh my word a tummy tuck recovery in comparison is so much easier. I was up and about after 3 days & back to work after 8 days.

Everyone heals and recovers differently so I am only discussing here my own personal recovery but as I also work in the clinic with many tummy tuck ladies and a few guys I can honestly say it can be life changing.

Attached are pictures from my journey.

Currently we have a reduction on tummy tucks now extended to August as we are fully booked for June.

After full lipo v after tummy tuck


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