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My own Surgery & Fitness journey.....

2001 V 2019

As you can see in May 2011 i was looking a little different. i would say at this time in my life I wasn't in the best place in my personal life and had a very low esteem. I decided to have a tummy tuck and liposuction to hips and upper tummy. I had had 2 Cesarean sections with my 2 children and the second one left quite bad scarring and was quite lumpy and created a hangover so this was the main thing i wanted to change. And as you can see i was also carrying a fair bit of fat!!

The surgery went ok although they detected that i suffered from high blood pressure. i have since been on medication for this but a very low dosage. it is a family trait to be honest.

I do not recall much pain at all more discomfort because i had to sleep on my back which i do not normally. The drains came out on the morning of discharge which i was happy about but these can sometimes stay in and it very much depends on whether your body is producing fluid.....its better to drain it out if it is therefore the drains are left in for a few more days.

All external staples are removed after 4 days and belly button sutures removed after 7 days and then it is just a case of your body healing. i was back to work after 7 days and although i was tired no real discomfort.

Having this surgery definitely put me back on the straight and narrow with regards fitness etc i loved my new flat tummy and couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror. Swelling can last for quite a few weeks though and its vital that you wear your support garment post surgery, i actually preferred to go out with it on even after 6 weeks, it becomes a bit like a security blanket!!

Once i was able to approx 8 weeks post surgery i joined a gym and the rest is history. I also started using a personal trainer and even took up running!!

It definitely changed my mind set, give me new confidence, changed my body and self esteem and i would do it all over again if i had too....hopefully i wont though xx

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