Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery

Growing Trends in Plastic Surgery in 2018 Plastic surgery is in demand, and it is not surprising that the number of plastic surgery procedures has grown over 132 percent in the past 16 years. Let’s face it, social media is everywhere, and it is not going away anytime soon. This selfie generation is ruled by image and how you look now is as important as who you are. With the growing number of people on social media coupled with an increased desire to look your best, plastic surgery is in demand. What are the plastic surgery trends of 2018? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual report, growing trends in plastic surgery include a renewed focus on facial procedures, increased demand for fat transfer and fat freezing, as well as an increase in male plastic surgery. Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery Three of the top five plastic surgery trends for 2018 growing in popularity focus on the face. Nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and facelifts were three of the top five procedures performed in the last year. With social media and selfies being the day to day norm, an increase in face-focused procedures is no surprise. Nose Reshaping Also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping leads the facial category with almost a quarter of a million procedures performed. Rhinoplasty can completely renovate your face and impact your overall beauty. Your nose is the focal point of your face: it helps to define the midline and create beautiful symmetry. Therefore, minor imperfections can have detrimental effects on your overall appearance. Fortunately, this means that small changes to the nose can have a tremendous impact. However, a rhinoplasty is truly the most finesse procedure in all of plastic surgery so know before you go- see a true rhinoplasty expert. Eyelid Rejuvenation Known as blepharoplasty, eyelid rejuvenation is the second most popular growing plastic surgery facial procedure. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and in your forties and fifties, that window will start to show the true signs of aging. Loss of volume in the face leads to sunken eyes and sagging skin that was never there before. Therefore, this is the area that fillers and botox work well into the forties until the amount of eyelid fat loss is too great to be replenished by fillers alone. Since your eyes are the most prominent feature of your facial structure, it is vital, when considering eyelid rejuvenation, that you do not change the appearance of your eyes too dramatically. The goal is to look like yourself only better. The key is to allow the lower eyelid to blend with the cheek-lower eyelid junction. This is where fat grafting is so important to restore a youthful eyelid Facelifts Known as rhytidectomy, facelifts are sometimes required to correct sagging facial skin. As people are living longer and wanting to look their best, facelifts are becoming a more sought out procedure. We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a true facial aging expert who is also a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation when considering a facelift. To maintain facial harmony, the modern facelift is called the “lift and fill facelift “ as one needs to put fat in the central part of their face with the lateral or outer region using the traditional SMAS facelift techniques for longevity. This can and usually is accompanied by eyelid surgery to restore the eyes, bring back the natural jawline, and reestablish fullness in your cheeks.