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Collagen & Hylaronic acid supplements

Unfortunately aging is something we cannot stop happening. As we age our skin collagen levels decrease and can leave our skin looking tired,a little thin and this is how we get wrinkles. We also have much dryer skin as we produce less natural oils. Recently as I’ve posted on here I’ve had a MACS midface & neck lift and yes I also have regular Botox but since my surgery I’ve really tried to look after my skin( should have done more over the years tbh!!) I cleanse more & have a stricter night time moisturizing routine. I have also started taking Collagen & hylaronic acid supplements about 7 weeks ago, and this picture shows a slight difference already I think. In the after picture taken last night you can see ever so slightly plumper skin. I also take daily Vitamin C 1000ml. Maybe it’s my eyes deceiving me but if I can hold back a few more wrinkles I will 😃😬🙈 By the way this is just me commenting and giving you my personal view.

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