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Typical Day in the clinic.......

Good Morning is a busy day for us @cyprussunmed so I thought I would write a blog about today and behind the scenes to give you a little insight.......

Its 0630am and I'm up and running round like a headless chicken, I have had a very busy social weekend as my daughter was 18 and we had family come over for a surprise visit which has been lovely if not a little tiring but its not every day your daughter turns 18.

Today I am picking up the first surgical patient from the other side of town as she lives here on her own and its not advisable to drive home after a tummy tuck. She did her bloods and paperwork yesterday at the clinic so its just a case of picking her up and prepping for surgery once we get to the clinic. This lovely lady had second thoughts last week and actually phoned me to cancel, its quite common for this to happen. its an elective surgery and your choosing to do this. I do tell all my patients that you will have moments post surgery when you question "what have I done?" "why did I do this?" This is perfectly normal and very common. I had exactly the same thoughts after a couple of my surgeries and just before I went into theater for my tummy tuck I very nearly cancelled it.

All paperwork completed, bloods good to go, Dr David completed all the pre surgery markings and once she has managed to get the lovely sexy surgical socks( to prevent DVT) on we are off to theater.

Melanie and Gill are the theater nurses and speak excellent English and while one will be scrub nurse for your surgery the other will prep you, get you settled on the bed, put the leg massage on ( yes you also get a free leg massage during surgery), put all your monitors on, Blood pressure, Oxygen, ECG etc

Preparing the patient

leg massager

So we are midway through the tummy tuck & liposuction surgery ( March 2018 we are giving free liposuction to hips/flanks and upper tummy)......738grams is one side of the tummy skin removed, the other side was 730 grams)

Surgery went very well, just over 2 1/2 hours in total & Just under 1000ml of fat removed during liposuction.

Second surgery for today.....

Breast Augmentation. Another lovely lady traveled from the UK to have her surgery. All finished after 1 hour. This procedure is a day patient surgery and she was discharged the same day at approx 6pm.

Both patients from today will return back to the clinic on Friday afternoon. The tummy tuck patient for staples out and the breast patient for bandages removed( we provide the first post surgery bra)

Afternoon clinic......

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