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Worldwide Cosmetic Surgery Trends to Watch for in 2018!

Every year, the ISAPS Global Statistics Survey provides invaluable data to plastic surgeons around the world. Having sent Surveys to over 35,000 plastic surgeons in 106 countries, they have accumulated the most accurate and detailed information about plastic surgery trends and popularity possible. Here are the trends that we can expect to continue into 2018, and several developments that we find extremely interesting, even surprising!


For years now, we have known that, on the whole, men are becoming far more comfortable with plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. The stigma of plastic surgery has slowly, but surely, been worn down, and you can expect that to continue into 2018 and beyond. In 2016, 13.8% of all surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures were performed on men. The most popular procedures for men in 2016? The top five most popular surgical procedures for men worldwide were blepharoplasty (286,418), gynecomastia (236,371), rhinoplasty (217,152), liposuction (213,992) and hair transplantation (116,487). Since these were also the top five of 2015, we can expect their continued popularity in the coming year.

From 2015 to 2016,the top five surgical procedures (combined) increased by 7%. Now that more men than ever are feeling comfortable with plastic surgery, these numbers will rise even more as they start to age.

Labiaplasty If 2016 was any indication, labiaplasty will continue to be among the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedures in the world. From 95,010 procedures performed worldwide in 2015, labiaplasty jumped 45%, to 138,033 procedures in 2016. Of those, one of the most notable increases was seen in Brazil, which performed 23,155 labiaplasty procedures in 2016 (an increase of 80% from 2015). However, the biggest jump was in Italy. Although a relatively smaller number of labiaplasties (4,879) were performed there in 2016, this was an amazing 160% increase from 2015! The United States saw an increase of just over 20%, with 13,266 labiaplasties performed in 2016.

Alongside the rise in labiaplasty popularity, there was also an increase in the popularity of vaginal tightening procedures (about 10% from 2015 to 2016), and we can expect that number to rise again next year.

Breast Augmentation

Representing about 16% of all surgical procedures in 2016, it’s no surprise that breast augmentation remains as popular as ever. That said, the popularity of the type of breast augmentation is changing somewhat. It may be surprising to many to learn that there has been a slight reduction (-4.5%) worldwide in the number procedures using saline implants, and an increase (10%) in those using silicone, already by far the most popular breast augmentation type. This shift may continue into the coming year, but the really interesting trend is the increase in the popularity of fat transfer breast augmentation, which saw a growth of 22% from 2015 to 2016.

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